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Community-driven DeFi Token

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What is Unitum?

Pronounced: / U – nit – um /
Latin for United.

Unitum is a community-driven, yield-generating DeFi token built to end ticket fraud for good. Our inflation-proof token allows holders to protect themselves from the volatility of the ever-growing cryptocurrency market.

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Unitum was launched with the idea of creating a community token with a self-generating income mechanism for its owner. Unitum differs from any other token due to our consistently updated algorithms and our relentless development team.

We aim to give financial freedom to our entire community and are excited to release our NFT application software by the end of Q4 2021 in partnership with some of the largest sporting brands and airline companies worldwide. The main purpose of our NFT application software launch is to change the ticketing world for the better and to make ticketing fraud a distant memory of the past.


Total Supply

500,000,000,000,000 UTM
(500 trillion)

8% Transaction Tax

4% rewarded to holders
4% added to liquidity pool

Profit from Holding

Holders are rewarded when a token is bought or sold.

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But with all the market chaos, why choose Unitum?

We’ve created an inflation-proof token

A community-fuelled token which rewards our holders 4% on every transaction with intelligent daily burn strategies.

No whales, no middlemen, strictly uncompromisable.

Unitum rewards all holders and taxes sellers so “whales” (market-movers) cannot manipulate or crash the market.

Our clever machine-learning NFT app to
end ticket fraud.

In partnership with some of the largest sporting brands and airline companies worldwide, our purpose is to change the ticketing world for the better and make ticketing fraud a distant memory of the past.

Top engineers with a robust protocol and a solid plan

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Q2 2021

Q3 2021

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

… and we’re still building

Our Team

Jalal Harake

Jalal Harake

CEO Unitum, Jalal has extensive experience in financial markets and previously was a private banker at Merill Lynch with millions under management.

Jalal Harake

Nader Jalal el Harake

Nader has key experience in world FX markets, equities and CFDs. He holds a senior management position for Europtima in Europe, Middle East & Africa.


Jalal Harake

Dhia Al-Ani

Founder of Air Scotland, Dhia has over 20 years of experience as an Aviation and travel business executive, with a PHD in Travel & Tourism services planning

Jalal Harake

Wayne Sharpe

Wayne is an experienced CEO and Executive Chairman with a strong history in Fintech, technology and environmental services industries.

Jalal Harake

George T. Goodman

George has vast experience in Financial Services, Real Estate and is a key International Investment Consultant for various international companies. 

We’re here to change things for good!

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